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VSecure is XNet’s pioneering vehicle monitoring and tracking application that enables XNet to keep a watchful eye over your vehicle 4 hours a day, 365 days year. Combining multiple communication protocols and using Cloud Technology, we are able to offer a consistently reliable tracking platform with 99.99% uptime. The platform currently supports the following products:

VSecure Tracer – This is our low cost entry product and offers a tracking on demand service via our 24/7 Control Centre. At any time day or night you can contact our Control Centre and request the location of your vehicle.

VSecure Fleet – This is our state of the art product that offers advanced tracking options alongside a cutting edge tracking platform. You will have full online control of your vehicle from anywhere in the world with access to a host of automated reports and email alerts; and the options of fuel monitoring, driver behavior analysis, overspeed alerts, geofencing, configurable sensors, and driver identification interfacing

We can offer one of the worlds most advanced driver behaviour modules available on any vehicle tracking platform. This module permits you to rate their drivers cording to their driving behaviour and correct their driving behaviour accordingly. With this rating it can used for remuneration purposes or simply identifying the best performing ivers in your fleet. This solution also combines the ability to monitor the vehicles fuel consumption, accident reconstruction, and schedule vehicle maintenance.

VSecure Spydr – This is a small self-powered GPS/GPRS tracking module, which is easily integrated into most tracking solutions, especially the covert tracking of assets. It is small in size, and it’s highly advanced GPS antenna makes it one of the most advanced self powered GPS/GPRS tracking options available today. With over 12 months of battery life the VSecure Spydr is once professionally hidden, very difficult to find, until it is required to locate an asset.