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Asset Tracking

Using our VSecure Spydr highly compact, low cost, GSM/GPS/BT state of the art, precise, energy efficient & highly covert tracking solution, that comes with 12+ months standby rechargeable battery, you’ll be able to covertly track any physical asset be it a motor vehicle, motorcycles, motorised tricycles, shipping containers, generators and goods in transit

VSecure Spydr can be made to resemble every day grocery items, pharmaceuticals & beverages or easily embedded in electrical items & industrial products

This an advanced tracking solution that uses GPS, GSM Trilateration and RF beacons to keep track of your precious cargos whilst in transit or out for delivery. If your container or shipment is hijacked we’ll be able to covertly track it to the warehouse or storage facility it has been taken to

The thieves won’t find VSecure Spydr tracking device, but we’ll find the thieves.