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XNet Security Technologies has partnered with a global leader in cash protection systems designed to recover stolen cash and high-value assets, apprehend criminals and deter crime. With an excess of 40,000 tracking locations worldwide, XNet together with our partners, use state-of-the-art technology to provide innovative intelligent security solutions that protect people and cash at all points in the cash handling chain. Ultimately, by protecting cash and deterring crime, our products and services protect your employees, and your customers and provide you with peace of mind.

We supply the broadest range of technology in the field, from smoke and ink staining, to satellite tracking and DNA tagging technologies. Also, we use gas neutralization, temperature, and light and accelerator detection, are amongst the available technological ranges that we provide.

Cash in Transit Products:
Our CIT products provide total security solutions during the most vulnerable part of the cash handling chain – during transport.

ATM Products:
The cash stored in ATMs have become a target for criminals globally. Our ATM products help you to protect the cash inside the ATM while minimizing damage to premises and risk to customers and staff.

Safe Products:
Contrary to most standard safes, our Safe products offer a wide range of protection levels, making the criminal’s task more difficult.

Teller Products:
The Teller/Cashier products from XNet provide an immediate response to branch attacks if cash is stolen as part of a robbery.