Advance Vehicle Telematics

Our CANbus integration solution is a warranty-friendly solution that connects into your vehicle’s CANbus network to enhance your understanding of the performance and usage of your vehicles.

What does CAN mean?

CAN stands for Controller Area Network and is the standard for a serial data bus that connects electronic control units in vehicles. In electronics, a bus is simply a device that connects multiple electrical or electronic devices together. The CAN in vehicles operates in serial, so data is transmitted to all devices in the CAN regardless of its intended recipient.

Modern vehicles use a CANbus to transfer information between the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and various electronic automotive systems. This high-speed communication network can provide a wide range of real-time on-board diagnostic data that can be used to reduce vehicle running costs, improve driver safety, and streamline maintenance processes.

Using an advanced CANbus reader, we’re able to integrate our tracking devices with your vehicle’s CANbus network, and extract CANbus data from HGVs, vans, buses and cars, without the risk of invalidating your vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranties. 

Access to CANbus data enables fleet operators to report on a wide range of information to effectively identify areas of improvement within their vehicle operations, and to drive down both running costs and overheads.

CANbus available data that can be remotely monitored via the tracking platform includes:

  • Fuel consumption (CANbus LV & ALL)
  • Fuel level (CANbus LV & ALL)
  • Engine speed (RPM) (CANbus LV & ALL)
  • Odometer speedometer readings (CANbus LV & ALL)
  • Odometer mileage readings (CANbus LV & ALL)
  • Accelerator pedal position (CANbus LV & ALL)
  • Engine temperature (CANbus LV & ALL)
  • Oil level/pressure (CANbus LV & ALL)
  • Vehicle doors opening & closing (CANbus LV & ALL)
  • Boot/bonnet opening & closing (CANbus LV & ALL)
  • Engine load (CANbus ALL)
  • Engine hours (CANbus ALL)
  • Distance/time to next service (CANbus ALL)
  • Axle loads for axles up to 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (CANbus ALL)
  • Seatbelt usage (CANbus ALL)
  • Air conditioning usage (CANbus ALL)

CANbus is available in two versions. An LV version that extracts and displays a limited amount of the available CANbus data, and an ALL version that extracts and displays all of the available CANbus data.

With the above you’ll immediately be aware if your vehicle is being misused, if the petrol tank is being underfilled or siphoned, if the driver is carrying unauthorised loads or passengers (kabu-kabu), if the vehicle is overheating or has an inadequate amount of engine oil, when the next service is due, etc.