Speed Limiter Device

Speed Limiter Devices (SLDs): We’re licensed by the FRSC to both install and recertify SLDs in all categories of commercial vehicles, and we’re the largest installer in Nigeria

The FRSC supports lowering all speed limits but opposes regulations targeting only large trucks with speed limiting devices. Speed limiter regulations vary across the states; some towns or cities post their own. There are trucks that have a lower set speed than passenger vehicles.

With this in mind, the FRSC has made it mandatory that speed limiting devices (SLDs) be fitted in all commercial vehicles effective 1st September, 2015. With this in mind, XNet working with our partners overseas has been able to source some of the most advanced manufacturers of speed control technology to both supply their technology to Nigeria, and to train our engineers on how to correct install SLDs in all makes and models of commercial vehicle.

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