Packaged Goods Tracking

Whatever be your haulage requirement, we got you covered!!!

The Solution

It’s increasingly common for thieves to hijack a truck, steal the goods that are being transported, and then abandon the hijacked truck for the owner to recover, with the goods worth millions of naira having vanished never to be seen again!

To combat these thieves we’ve developed a tracking product that will resemble one of your goods in transit, such as a bag of cement, a box of pasta, a tin of milk/hot chocolate/tomato’s, a packet of biscuits/noodles, a box of sugar, a bottle of alcoholic beverage, etc.

In effect our tracking product can be made to resemble any consumer

packaged good, and in the event of your goods in transit being stolen we will be able to use a combination of GPS, GPRS, and Bluetooth to both surreptitiously and discreetly track your stolen goods to the location they have been moved to, and enable you to recover all of your stolen goods. This solution is also able to assist in the tracking of packaged goods that have been stolen from your warehouses.