To further protect your heavy goods vehicles costing tens of millions of naira from your drivers who are keen to use your vehicles to operate their own transportation businesses at your expense, we can install tried and tested, and highly cost effective Bluetooth Axle Load Sensors on the rear axles of your trucksBy installing our Bluetooth Axle Load Monitoring solution, you’ll be able to constantly monitor the current load on the rear axles of your heavy goods vehicles The data from the monitoring system will permit you to monitor the current rear
axle load at any time, and also generate reports for a selected period of time.

The reports will cover:

1) Number of cargo loadings and unloadings
2) Loading/unloading events location and time
3) Detection of unauthorised cargo loads

This cutting edge solution will go a long way to reducing wear and tear on your very expensive heavy goods vehicles, safeguarding your revenue, and increasing the working life of your vehicles