Dash Cam

SmartEye 1080p HD two, three and four lens (cameras) Dashcams

Our HD dashcam is the perfect tool for ensuring that your driver drives your vehicle in a safe and conscientious manner, as if you were sat in the vehicle beside him. It immediately alerts you if he brakes harshly, over accelerates, swerves or has a collision, and makes available both a pre and post video recording of the event, so by seeing exactly where his attention was focused before the event, and what he saw on the road ahead, you can review exactly what led to the event, and take remedial action before an even worse event occurs, such as a major road traffic accident

You can use the additional lens to monitor the load areas of your vehicle, and the vehicles fuel tank. With this solution you are now able to ensure that your driver only carries authorized loads or passengers, hence achieving 100% revenue assurance, and also ensure that he doesn’t siphon fuel out of the fuel tank

As one of the dashcams cameras is dedicated to recording the road ahead, any crimes that take place on the road in front of your vehicle will be captured by the dashcam, as well as criminals travelling to and from where they are going to commit a crime. Hence your dashcams will be of immense benefit to enhancing security across our country.  The camera comes with the option of a five year no quibble warranty

Camera Features:

  • H.265 High Efficient Video Recording & Compression
  • 1080P Full HD 2* Embedded Wide Angle Cameras (supports a max of 4 cameras)
  • 4G Remote Live Streaming/Downloading (Also compatible with both 3G & 5G)
  • Automatic Alarm Video Upload to Cloud Server Storage
  • Sleeping Mode  for 24/7 Surveillance
  • Driver Face Recognition & Local Identification option
  • Built-in Independent 4G LTE, Wi-Fi Antenna & Modem
  • Built-in High Performance GPS/GLONASS Antenna & Modem
  • Configurable GEO-fence zone in Dash-cam with Alarm Output Control
  • Built-in Microphone & Speaker for Two Way Communication
  • Wi-Fi AP/Client mode for Configuration & Automatic Upload
  • SOS Panic Button Alarm (Embedded)
  • Harsh Braking/Acceleration/Swerving/Collison Alerts
  • Alert Event Pre-Recording & Post-Recording for incident analysis
  • Memory Card & SIM Card Tamper-proof Lock