Reasons to equip a motorcycle GPS tracker


The main reason why most of the people are turning to motorcycle is because they give them a sense of relaxation and at some points very helpful for the brain.There are several other benefits that you are likely to get when you get on trails with your motorbike.

However,motorcycle & bikes come with its advantages, but they also come with disadvantages too. Most Bikes and motorcycles are very easy to steal these days, so it’s highly encouraged to take precaution and attaching a GPS tracker to your Motorcycle or bicycle.What is a motorcycle tracker?

Motorcycle GPS trackers are similar to trackers used in cars and trucks. They are geolocation devices that indicate, practically in real-time, the location of the motorcycle and provide other information, such as speed variation, mileage, battery status, number of departures and the best routes to follow.

Having a GPS device attached to your bike will allow you to see real time GPS location of where it is and you can then give this information to the police so they can recovery your property.

How does it work?

Just like larger vehicle trackers, the motorcycle tracker works via GPS. This means that the devices exchange information with satellites that can calculate, with the precision of meters, the location of the motorcycle. In the motorcycle tracking devices, this data flow happens through a 2G network that works thanks to a telephone chip inside the tracker.Reasons to use motorcycle GPS tracker

Motorcycle GPS trackers are now some of the most advanced tools you can buy. With a huge range of features you may not be aware just how much a motorbike tracking device can help you in your day to day life.

Real time tracking

I bet this is the top most reason why most of the bike owners are coming for  Hengjikeda GPS tracking Devices. The best thing is that GPS tracking devices will be sending instant notifications about the whereabouts of the machine even when its stolen. As long as you can easily detect the whereabouts of your bike, it’s very easy to involve relevant authority to recover the bike. These motorcycle GPS tracking devices are very functional and highly reliable. This makes it very easy for the GPS tracking system to send all the data and can as well be used to stop the bike remotely. If you want to be on the safer side, then you should look for a reliable and a trusted motorcycle GPS tracking service provider for installation.

Motorcycle anti-theft

The key features on an anti-theft tracker is the movement and shock alerts. When unauthorised movement is detected an alert will be sent out straight to your phone. The same is true for the shock alert. Once the alert is triggered you’ll receive an instant notification. Another useful anti-theft feature is the use of geo-fencing. You can create a virtual boundary of where you wish the vehicle to remain. This perfect if you rent out bikes or if they are used by several people. It can also be used in the reverse role. If there is a specific area you wish for the bike to stay out of you can create a safe-zone around that area. If the vehicle leaves or enters the set zone you’ll begin to receive text messages.

Remote cut-off(petrol/power)

This is another very helpful feature that motorcycle GPS tracking system provides. In case you notice that an unauthorized person is trying to start the bike, you just have to disable it remotely. The criminal will notice that it’s not very easy to start the bike and may be forced to leave it intact. If you have integrated an antitheft GPS tracking system together with the GPS tracking system, then you can start it remotely. A message will as well pop up in your device to notify you about this. The alarm may as well cut of the power making it very hard for the criminal to get away with the motorbike.

Peace of Mind

We understand just how important your vehicle can mean to you. A GPS motorcycle tracker is the best way to keep your bike with you. Once a tracker has been fitted you’re ready to go. A small investment in a GPS tracker may just save you thousands. Nothing can provide greater peace of mind than a Hengjikeda tracking system.

Insurance Discounts

Another very influential advantage of GPS tracking system is that it can help you save a fortune with Insurance premiums. The good thing is that today most insurance companies offer premium discounts on lower risk machines

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