Importance of Using Cargo GPS Trackers by XNet Securities


A major problem that many supply chains struggle with is losing their cargo or having their cargo stolen. Many companies underestimate the importance of risk mitigation, simply relying on their comprehensive insurance plans to cover you. The problem is that there are limitations to your insurance on what it covers and you are left feeling angry and frustrated. At XNet Security we believe it’s so important to invest in cargo GPS trackers. These items can be the perfect investment because it offers so many benefits to users. By reading on, you can learn why SpydrTrak is exactly what you need to get peace of mind when your cargo gets shipped out.

Safety and Security
SpydrTrak systems not only help you to feel more secure about your cargo, but it can also help your drivers feel more secure and safe as they make deliveries. They know that if something happens to them, the tracker will note their location so that they can get the help that they need. The GPS trackers constantly update information for the company, so they can detect if something is potentially wrong with the shipment.

Give You Up-To-Date Reports About Cargo
With XNet Security tracking devices, you can get all of the information that you need to know about the cargo. You can ensure the temperature is where it needs to be for transportation. You can see when the cargo departed and where its current position is. This will allow you to more effectively and better manage your company. The data you can learn will help you to eliminate unexpected hidden costs and other ways to help your business save money. It can help you to make your drivers more efficient, which will improve customer satisfaction. The reports that you can get from cargo GPS trackers are essential to running a more efficient and productive business.

Route Optimization
Thanks to the navigation satellites used by the GPS tracker, your company can better observe and communicate what the fastest and most convenient route will be. This can help to reduce the gas required for the trip, improve efficiency, and even potentially allow you to squeeze more cargo shipments into your day. This can also reduce any misrouted shipments or any slowdowns due to traffic. The goal of using cargo GPS trackers, in addition to preventing theft of your cargo, is to reduce downtime and ensure the cargo gets where it needs to when it needs to be there.

Better Customer Service
Your customers are counting on you to ensure that they get their cargo when they expect it. With GPS tracking, you get real-time updates that help you determine a rough estimate on when deliveries will arrive so your clients can make sure that they have people around to take care of the shipments. If something happens and the cargo doesn’t arrive on time, the customer will want answers to what’s going on. The GPS tracker helps your company provide better customer service for all of your clients by keeping them and your company informed.

Getting the Right Cargo GPS Tracker
You need to think about your cargo to decide which GPS tracker is the best choice for your needs. Ideally, you should select a GPS tracker that has a wide variety of sensor capabilities including temperature, tilt/orientation, drops, shock, light, vibrations, and humidity. These are things that can have a massive impact on your cargo, causing damage to these items and your profits. If you run a transportation company, investing in cargo GPS trackers not only protects your cargo from theft but it also helps you to optimize your business.

With SpydrTrak you enjoy wide coverage and a year battery durability on your tracker. This is the only tracker you will ever need

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