High Tech Solutions to Win

Recent high tech solutions we are seeing are proof positive that we are well on our way to overcoming the obstacles created by the COVID 19 crisis.  It’s high time to get us all back to work, and innovation is the American way.

High Tech Solutions from Ford

Ford Motor Company is at the top of that list with a system recently featured on Government Fleet.  This new software uses existing systems for a new purpose, to neutralize the virus in police vehicles.  It is available immediately on all 2013-19 Police Interceptor Utility vehicles.  The system uses heat generated from the vehicle’s powertrain and climate control systems.  It raises the temperature in the passenger compartment to over 133 degrees for 15 minutes, long enough to help disinfect the surfaces that are touched by officers and passengers.

Predictive Analytics

Inspired by events following Hurricane Irma, USF has been working on a project to bring predictive analytics to health care staffing needs.  The idea is to create a high-tech tool to help provide nursing homes with a way to predict and plan for staffing.  Ultimately, this model could be applied to other industries when a crisis is looming.

High Tech Solutions in Retail

According to businessreport.com, Magnolia Bakery in NYC is encouraging patrons to pass through a UV chamber similar to the airlocks outside biohazard labs.  A 20 second UV exposure is thought to be lethal for viruses and bacteria, but safe for humans.

Partners for High Tech Solutions

Computerworld recently posted a list of high tech companies offering development assistance, products, and online forums to assist all kinds of businesses to adapt to new social distancing and operational protocols.  Help is available for everything from business solutions to adapt for a remote workforce, to virtual classes and meetings, to crowd sourcing to feed the homeless and hungry. Businesses, individuals like Bill Gates, and organizations like the USO are all finding and sharing ways to overcome the challenges presented by COVID 19.

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