How Eelink Is Shaping the Future Of Cargo Tracking Solutions


With competition between businesses constantly getting tougher, every business decision must push a company towards a faster rate of production and services. In order to improve the speed and visibility of the supply chain, many companies have been looking to GPS devices which track assets as they are mobilized. It’s important to keep a close eye on assets for many reasons, and using tracking devices is the quickest and easiest way to do so.


EeLink is a company which offers tracking solutions for businesses who want to keep a close eye on their important assets. These trackers have many features, some of them can even tell you the temperature and humidity of the environment your assets are in. Some assets have specific regulations and cannot be subject to certain weather conditions; with this tracking technology, you will be notified as soon as the conditions of your assets need to be adjusted, or if they leave the route they’re supposed to stay on.

These trackers can protect your business from theft, as you’ll be able to contact law enforcement faster if you know as soon as you’ve been stolen from. It could also protect your employees. If your driver ends up in a serious accident, and doesn’t show up when they are supposed to drop off the cargo, you can send someone to look for them quicker and could end up saving a life.

Our Products

We manufacture 11 different trackers which are all easy to hide, have a long battery-life, and are reliable to use.

  1. TK418

This device uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which is valuable for short-range communication and for conserving battery.

  • 2. GPT49 4G LTE

The GPT49 4G LTE operates on both 4G and LTE networks. When products are limited to only being connected on one or the other, connectivity problems can arise and you can lose important business because of it.

  • GPT46

This tracker is equipped with a 5-year battery life if you choose to use updates once per day, and will have a 1-year battery life if you choose hourly updates. The device is also rechargeable.

  • GPT46 Weatherproof

The GPT46 is ideal for businesses who need to track their assets in outdoor conditions. The weatherproof technology remains reliable, whatever conditions you throw at it.

  • GPT29

This advanced sensor not only gives you updates on the location of your assets, but also the temperature, humidity, light exposure, and movement.

  • GPT19 3G

The GPT19 is a compact device that can operate on a very low level of power. This product is meant to keep you from having to worry about recharging the battery often.

  • GPT29 Cat M1

This tracker, meant specifically for monitoring truck-loads of cargo, gives you a high level of supply chain visibility. With motion, shock, light, temperature, and humidity sensors, the GPT29 will give you a detailed report on the condition of your assets.

  • GPT29 LTE Cat M1

This specialized device is meant to give you the same information as the other GPT29 devices, but it can log and broadcast the information globally. With advanced BLE, LTE, and Wi-Fi capabilities, this sensor can get you information anywhere, anytime.

  • BT01

This temperature sensor operates on BLE and can transmit highly accurate temperature information when connected to Wi-Fi.

  1. GPT19-H 3G

A fully-waterproof GPS tracker, the GPT19-H 3G gives automatic alerts at the first signs of tampering. If you’re looking to transport over water, this is your best option.

  1. GPT12

Our smallest GPS tracking device, the GPT12 is great for personal use. You can track things like your own car and other valuable belongings.

eeLink is dedicated to your business’ success, and we work to create reliable products that will improve your supply chain visibility.

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