The commercial and industrial sectors are the segments that have the highest value in transit, and they are the beneficiaries of asset tracking. The cellular asset tracking systems monitors devices passively, and provides the location of the device. In short, wherever they are located, by accurately tracking your high-value assets in real time, it transforms your business. It also, helps you in improving customer experience, creating new business models, cutting costs and improving ROI, and eliminating delays. This cellular asset tracking solutions will monitor humiditytemperature, motion (shock and movement detection), door security and location.

Advanced Features of Asset Tracking Devices

The cellular asset tracking device gives you a clear picture of how your goods are moving from the source to destination. With this device, you can also detect if any dangerous hazard presence during the transport. You can also use it for outdoor purpose since it has the features of waterproof IP67. So, you can track your assets anywhere, anytime. BLE, Wi-FI, NB-IoT, LTE cat, and much more advanced technologies will support here. Even if the battery goes low, it lets you know the low battery condition.

Here are some advanced features

  • The size of the cellular asset tracking system will be small, and so it can be installed on any of your devices easily and quickly.
  • A double side tape, screw, or glue is enough to install this device.
  • Device? Data security? Cloud IT? Connectivity? Or customer support? Cellular assets tracking system comprises all!
  • With its multiple sensors integration, it can track and monitor vibration, exposure of light, level of humidity, change in temperature and more and updates us.
  • This device receives an automatic system update, by relaying on the LTE-M network.


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