Eliminate Vehicle Theft with Vehicle Security Systems


When it comes to protecting your vehicle’s security, and that of your fleet, you’re going to be thinking about car alarms and engine immobilisers. What you may not be thinking about is how a thief’s mind works. Your car alarm system needs to be so much more than a basic alarm. It needs to be a holistic vehicle security system that can out smart criminals whilst protecting your vehicles. Car security is big business in Australia, understanding it is essential.

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Types of Vehicle Security Systems

The Nigerian market offers a whole raft of vehicle security solutions, but not all are the same, and not created equally. From stand-alone car alarms and car immobilisers through to systems that allows vehicle tracking and recovery in the event of theft, there’s something to suit everyone. As criminals become smarter, vehicle security devices have followed suit and now one of the most essential attributes of vehicle security systems is having a security device that is small enough to hide. The way to do this is through hidden GPS trackers, otherwise known as covert trackers.

Covert Trackers and Hidden GPS Trackers:

As the name suggests, these vehicle security systems hide away out of sight. This means the criminal will have no idea that you have a covert tracker installed on your vehicle/s. Covert trackers are powered by highly accurate GPS technology, meaning the police can be sent directly to a crime in action. Whether you’re in the hub of Lagos or stranded on the Abuja-Kaduna Road, a covert tracker or hidden GPS tracker will be able to locate your vehicle, and therefore increase the security and recovery of your vehicle/s immensely.

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Micro and Mini GPS Trackers:

As with the above, the micro and mini GPS trackers seek to go undetected by the criminal attempting to steal your vehicle. These vehicle security kits can be installed on any type of fleet vehicle and are very easy to install. Due to their size mini trackers are especially useful as motorbike GPS trackers to ensure security as well as providing real-time tracking. However, when installing a micro GPS tracker you must insure that it is done so covertly.

How Do Hidden GPS Trackers Work to Ensure Vehicle Security?

Car security systems should not rely only on a car alarm, criminals are becoming ever more smarter when it comes to vehicle theft. As a result hidden GPS trackers have become a favoured vehicle security system that enables fleet managers to track the location of stolen vehicles by taking readings at regular intervals and transmitting them to a central hub. This allows fleet managers to locate the exact position of where a vehicle has been, where it is heading, and in some cases, the speed it is doing. This data is displayed against a map so fleet managers can physically track stolen vehicles. These hidden GPS trackers can be as small as a USB stick, making them difficult to detect.

Geo-Fences and Immobilisation:

Additionally, hidden GPS trackers can incorporate a geo-fencing option. This allows fleet operators to pre-set certain permissible parameters for a particular vehicle. The tracking system is then creates alerts if the vehicle leaves its geo-fenced area. Some advanced vehicle security systems offer the functionality of being able to immobilise vehicles remotely once they have passed out of a specific geo-fence to further increase vehicle security.

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