Eliminate Cargo & Assets Theft!


In today’s technological era, billions of tonnes of cargo are being transported from one place to another every single day. There are millions of shipping containers and trucks scattered all around the world, transporting and distributing the goods we need on a daily basis. Considering all the valuable cargo on the roads at any given time, and the increase in crime rates, cargo theft is inevitable. But cargo theft isn’t a new phenomenon, it has been around for centuries, since the times of pirates seizing ships along the trade routes.

Thanks to the latest innovations and developments, GPS is affordable by almost anyone these days and offers small to large businesses a means for tracking the location of their cargos in real-time on the digital platform. The ability to view the location of cargo and assets 24/7 gives businesses total control and a sense of security. All around the world, cargo theft is costing businesses billions of dollars, and this certainly urges the company owners to take precautions to prevent criminals from getting away with their valuable cargo.

Experts estimate all cargo thefts rising up to $30 billion in losses each year.

With such high amounts of money at stake, it is reasonable to put in extra security measurements and protect your assets. Cargo theft does an initial damage with the cost of stolen cargo and detonates a ripple wave of disruption in the supply chain. After a cargo theft takes place, the toll in damages is just the beginning, direct losses from the theft often trigger other indirect impacts such as the costs of replacement of products and repayment of taxes that hurt other businesses down the supply chain.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a cargo container travelling overseas or a truck carrying a delivery package to the next town, it is essential to have direct access to the location of your assets 24/7. By utilising GPS tracking systems to follow the progress of a cargo container from the factory to its final destination, businesses are able to;

  •    View the real-time location of an asset,
  •    Receive notifications if the cargo leaves a certain route,
  •    Analyse the time spent on delivery,

and most importantly, GPS tracking systems allow businesses to report the condition and location of the shipment to their customers.

A portable GPS tracker such as the VSECURE TRACKER weighs only a few grams, and it can be placed inside a small package, container or even in a cigarette box. Once activated, it reports its location every few seconds, allowing the manager to track it anywhere in the world. The VSECURE TRACKER has a ten-day stand by time, it is small enough to fit in a pocket, and it can be attached to any metal surface using a magnetic case. Vsecure Tracker software and its mobile app host a list of advanced features such as; geo-fence zones, movement alarm, speeding alarm and usage reports.

A well-placed, dust and waterproof asset tracking device may be the last resort in recovering stolen assets. With the precise location of the stolen cargo at their disposal, managers are able to alert the authorities in the event of theft and assist them in recovering the stolen assets by providing them with the data from Vsecure Tracker. Without proper security measures and monitoring, these assets may easily be stolen and gone forever (which we hope never happens).

You may not be able to stop criminals from stealing your goods, but with an asset tracking device attached, you will have a fighting chance to get it back.

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