Don’t Let Thieves Steal Your Car!


Park in a Safe Spot
It’s common sense, don’t park in a dodgy-looking area.
Do your best to find somewhere that’s well lit, under a street lamp if you have the option. If you are parking in a driveway or parking lot try to park as close to the house or building as possible and try to park where you will have a view of your car from inside. If you are parking in a big parking lot at a grocery store, for instance, try to park among many other cars, not alone where your car stands out.

Always lock your car.
This includes making sure all doors are locked, your truck in securely closed and locked, your windows are closed and your sunroof is fully closed. Resist the temptation to leave windows cracked in the hot summer months, or the door unlocked while running into the store.

Keep Track of Your Keys
One of the easiest ways to steal a car is to steal the keys.
This could mean picking them from your pocket, stealing them from your house or out of your purse. Always be aware of where your keys are – don’t leave them within plain site leaving yourself open to being an easy target.

Utilize Anti-Theft Devices
Most modern cars come equipped with an alarm and an immobilizer.
If an alarm didn’t come standard in your car there are plenty of companies that can install one for you – many insurance companies even offer a discount for cars that have anti-theft devices installed. For those with a little more money to spend, you can also consider having a GPS tracking device installed if your car is stolen this will help the police locate it.

Don’t Leave Your Car Running
It only takes a few seconds to steal a car left running.
Even though you might only be away from your car for a short period of time, it’s not worth it to leave your car running unattended. An opportunist thief only needs a few seconds to see a car left running and make off with it. The same goes for if you are warming up your car on an icy winter morning – don’t leave the car running and go back into the house.

Keep Your Car Maintained
A well-maintained car shows that someone cares about it.
A well-cared-for car is more likely to have an owner that notices is has gone missing quickly. If your car is well maintained it is also more likely that all of your locks and anti-theft devices are in good working order.

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