Don’t be a victim of Car theft


Put everything into your auto protection, minimize your chances of being a victim of car theft. According to reports we realized that more than 150 cars have been stolen across the country without traces since 2020. Only about 2% of this number was recovered through technologies and security agencies.

These are few tips that can help you guard again impending car thefts

Alarms & Trackers
If you don’t have an alarm as standard there are plenty of companies out there who can fit one for you. The level of security depends on your budget so do some research to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. Similarly if your car is taken and you have a tracker fitted you can use GPS to pinpoint where exactly it is. The accuracy and effectiveness of these can again depend on your budget and watch out for expensive subscription fees!

When parking your car ensure you park in a well lit area, beside other cars, where all-round visibility is good and have your keys out and ready when returning

Lock it
Never leave a car unlocked for even a minute while going into a shop, also ensure your windows are also locked and don’t leave valuables in sight. 38% of all cars broken into between 2015 – 2017 were left unlocked.

Despite the advances in car security 70% of cars that are taken are stolen using the key. Always ensure that your door and windows are locked to deter car thieves from getting inside your home but if someone is willing to break into your house for car keys it’s better that they find the keys and leave rather than go searching so often it is better to leave them downstairs.

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